Cemetery Concierge Services

We offer you a wide range of services above and beyond monument-making.  Our "Cemetery Concierge Service" is second nature to our staff and offered at no cost to you.

Concierge Service

Just as a hotel concierge helps you find your way around a new city, we help you find your way around the tangle of paperwork and overwhelming arrangements you need to make following the death of a loved one. Jim Milano coined the phrase to describe the wide range of unique services we offer our clients over and above monument-making. We educate you on headstone and monument and internment options (for instance, different cemeteries – even different sections of the same cemetery -- have a wide variety of rules and regulations concerning the types of headstones they allow). We have the most up-to-date figures on setting fees from every cemetery in Northern Ohio and throughout the United States. We take care of all the details involved in the headstone and monument ordering, design, delivery and installation process. We even handle your time-consuming paperwork.

We encourage you to come to us first concerning the headstone and or mausoleum before purchasing plots or graves at the cemetery. We will gladly give you the help you need to make the entire process as convenient and worry-free as possible.