Types of Cemeteries

There are several types of cemeteries in Northern Ohio.

A traditional cemetery has both lawn level and upright granite cemetery monuments. They also may have private mausoleums. Since they have been around for a long time, sometimes centuries, these cemeteries have distinct landscaping, architecture, statuary and other art.

Memorial parks and gardens are another type of cemetery. They do not have granite grave markers or cemetery monuments. Instead, gravesites are marked with bronze memorials placed at ground level to blend with the beautiful landscape.

Some cemeteries have a combination of traditional and garden sections and may have chapels, crematories, community mausoleums, mortuaries or funeral homes and columbariums on the grounds.

Cemeteries may be operated on a for-profit or not-for-profit basis. Individuals, corporations, towns, counties, or religious or fraternal groups may own the property.

Rules and regulations concerning the types of memorials permitted and where in the cemetery different memorials can be placed vary among cemeteries. Each has its own set of rules and regulations that you should be aware of before making a decision on a grave marker, headstone, or cemetery monument. At Milano Monuments, we have this information for your cemetery and every cemetery in Northern Ohio. Here are a few of the topics often discussed in the cemetery guidelines:  

  • Types of memorials permitted, including: single, double, lawn level, beveled, slant, upright, monument, bench 
  • Type of memorial material permitted, including: granite, bronze
  • Thickness of memorial
  • Height of memorial
  • Use of photos on the memorial
  • Additions to memorial, including: flag holders, urns

Other topics discussed can include:

  • Cemetery Solicitations
  • Memorial Applications
  • Memorial Attachments
  • Color Additives for Memorials
  • Erecting a Monument with a Base
  • Privately Owned Memorials

We recommend you see one of our Memorial Consultants to discuss what headstone and memorial options are available to you in the cemetery and plot where you plan to bury your loved one.

Milano Monuments designs headstones, cemetery monuments, memorials, grave markers and gravestones for the following cemeteries among others; All Saints Cemetery, All Souls Cemetery, Brecksville Cemetery, Cleveland Catholic Cemeteries, Mapleshade Cemetery, St Andrews Cemetery, St. Theodosius Cemetery, Strongsville Cemetery and Woodvale Cemetery.