Facebook Community Ambassador for Monument Industry

Facebook Community Ambassador for Monument Industry

Work from home and help develop our community on Facebook! 

Milano Monuments, a family owned and operated monument company since 1969 is looking for an Ambassador to grow and manage our Facebook page! We would like to develop our Facebook page as a resource to help families share memories of their loved ones, support them in the grieving process, share best practices on memorialization and provide company news and announcements as it relates to the community.

- Are you passionate about helping people share memories of their loved ones? 
- Would you like to engage families and communities about the bereavement and memorialization process?
- Do you want to offer hope to those who grieve?
- Do you want to offer guidance and resources to help those in the grieving process?
- Do you want to develop our community?
- Are you active on Facebook and other Social Media?

Ideal person would possess the following:
- Excellent written communication skills.
- A love for helping others and sharing memories. Also knowledge about the bereavement and memorialization process. 
- Creative and marketing mind.
- Upbeat and positive personality that will engage a community.
- Extensive user of Facebook and Instagram.
- Extra time within your schedule to dedicate to this effort.
- Ability to work on your own from your home and be productive.

Facebook Ambassador would do some of the following tasks:
- Generate ideas and strategies to build our following on Facebook.
- Develop contests, prizes, and giveaways.
- Write and share unique and really interesting content.
- Develop your own content that will educate our followers.
- Post company news and specials that are of value.
- Ability to integrate yourself with all the company news and announcements and share that with our community.
- Develop relationships with other Facebook groups synergistic to our community.

$75 - $100 per week! Also, there will be bonuses and rewards throughout the year if certain goals are achieved!

What are you waiting for? Apply now to be our Facebook Ambassador!

How to apply and what to submit for consideration:
- E-mail us at website@milanomonuments.com  
- Provide a general overview of who you are and your background.
- Resume is not mandatory, but if you have one please submit.
- Facebook personal profile link.
- Sample writings and work (Anything to demonstrate your written communication skills).

We hope to appoint our Facebook Ambassador soon - SO SEND YOUR PROFILE/INFO PLEASE!!!