Manufacturing Facility


Our granite cemetery monuments, headstones, and grave markers are custom made by Milano’s own skilled craftspeople right in our main facility located on Brookpark Road in Cleveland. Stop in and we’ll take you on a personal tour of our Granite Showcase and Stonecrafting Studio. While your memorial is being created, you can be a part of the process from start to finish, assuring that what you desire is exactly what you are getting!   

Milano Granite Showcase

Milano’s Granite Showcase has one of the area’s largest selection of international and domestic granites for headstones and grave markers. We have row upon row of raw granites in every shape and color that can be shaped and styled to your specifications. We also have hundreds of blank stock polished memorials and grave markers--every style, size, color, and finish—to which we can add any etchings and engravings you desire. Walk up to the ones that call to you. Touch them. Feel the texture. Experience first hand the one that will become your headstone and your loved one’s legacy.

Milano Stonecrafting Studio

Your design becomes a reality in our state-of-the-art Stonecrafting Studio. We have experienced and skilled memorial artisans who hand sculpt stunningly realistic photos and portraits in stone. Watch them at work. You have never seen anything like it! We also have the most advanced laser etching and engraving equipment to create lasting impressions that—well—create lasting impressions! By keeping our manufacturing in house, we can be more creative while keeping full control of the quality of your headstone and cemetery  monument.