Memorial Inscription

Sometimes words of loving remembrance are left unspoken at the time a gravestone, grave marker, or monument is set in a cemetery. Other times the name or names of spouses or other family members who are still alive will need to be added at a later date. In actuality, what you thought you had set in stone is not necessarily “set in stone”. At Milano Monuments, our skilled memorial craftspeople can etch or engrave an inscription or design on an existing headstone at a cemetery—with the same precision and attention to detail that we do at our StoneCrafters Studio in our Brookpark Road facility in Cleveland. Talk to one our Memorial Designers about how you can add additional artwork or information to an existing cemetery headstone or grave marker of any type.


What kind of information or designs can be added to existing memorials?

Anything can be added to a grave marker depending on space available. Information and designs such as final dates, prayers, military information and emblems, additional names, religious symbols, company logos, and many other types of artwork can be added to existing headstones, as cemetery rules allow.

How long does an inscription take to complete?

Inscriptions generally take 60 days to complete after cemetery approval, weather permitting.

When can memorials be inscribed?

Memorials must be completely dry when inscriptions are completed on site. Completion is dependent on good weather. Inscriptions cannot be done unless it is warm and dry.

Does the memorial need to be removed from the cemetery?

Most inscriptions can be done on site, at the cemetery.

Can memorials that Milano Monuments did not originally make be inscribed?

Absolutely. We will send someone out to the headstone to match the existing fonts, or check for available space.

How much do inscriptions cost?

The type of inscription needed, amount and size of lettering or design, and size of the existing headstone are the main factors in the cost of inscribing a memorial.