Why Memorialize

For centuries, civilizations around the world have commemorated those loved, revered, and respected with works of memorial art. From pyramids to Indian burial mounds, public memorials such as Mt. Rushmore to simple private grave markers, the creation of a cemetery monument has been the most common form of remembrance. Some, such as the magnificent pyramids, were designed and created by the person being memorialized—perhaps a pharaoh who recognized the importance of his own life and how he impacted a country.

Most memorials, however, are created by the families of the deceased. They are smaller and less ornamental than a pyramid, of course, but the person being memorialized has far greater significance to the familes and friends left behind. Their thoughts and their hearts long to remember one they loved so dearly--and a memorial helps fill a void that was left in their lives.

The type of granite grave marker or cemetery monument you choose, the design, lettering, etchings or engravings you select, and the quality of the workmanship are so important to the creation of a memorial that is an everlasting tribute to your loved one. 

At Milano Monuments, we can help you make that personal statement, in a comforting and caring environment, about one you’ve lost.