A Stone Memorial is More Than Just Stone

Apr 24, 2015

Customers are often surprised to realize that Milano Monument’s business (and expertise) is far more than just selling headstones and statuary. Perhaps you’re among those who think we’re merely stone purveyors. Maybe you think all stones are pretty much alike and that buying a stone is a basic, cut-and-dried process. Perceptions like these kind of amaze us since we know that our business is about peoples’ lives and dreams and relationships—and the glue that holds them together. Love.

It’s not so much about stone when you look through the right prism.

Yes, stone is something we do very well, and we’re proud of the dignity and reflection our stone works inspire. Our craftsmen are second to none. But, to deliver meaningful stone memorials requires more than just good stone and experienced craftsmen. It involves understanding our customers, their lives, what matters to them, what losing a loved one means to them. And love.

Transforming Sentiments — We always strive to get to know our customers well, to gain insight—it’s essential to our ability to fulfill customer needs and reflect their sentiments. This is why part of the Milano business culture is expressing genuine concern for our customers, their stories, their life experiences, their cherished memories, and communicating with them about these things. We invite families to share. We spend time with them. This is how we learn what works, what fits into their life, their history. It is this concern for and knowledge of our customers that informs and guides our production of memorials that evoke strong responses, resonate and last.

Fitting Tribute — Memorial stones celebrate life; they remember life and the love that fills life. This is our experience. But, stone can only do this well by capturing that life and love appropriately. Our challenge isn’t to deliver granite or marble stone and statuary. Far from it—any stone purveyor can do that. Our daily challenge is to deliver a fitting and lasting tribute to lost love.

The stone is a canvas on which we paint life’s love—with our customers’ help.

All of what we do is because of love. All of why our customers come to us is because of love (even though they may think they’re just buying a stone). This may sound like marketing spin, but ultimately it is why we’re here and why our customers are here. Love is why we yearn to remember those we’ve shared life with—and our business is ensuring that customers can reflect that love in the best way possible.


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