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Apr 24, 2015

Through many years’ experience serving our community it’s become clear that informed consumers have less difficulty navigating life’s tricky events. End-of-life decisions and processes can catch many off-guard and unprepared, even those who think they’ve taken the right steps. One thing we know is this: the more consumers know, the better off they are.

To better serve consumers we already offer much information through this website, and now recognize that blogging can be a highly effective way to organize and deliver the kind of high-use detailed information our community wants and needs on end-of-life processes and issues. Blogs are a valuable resource readily accessible to today’s savvy consumer.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the Milano Monuments Community Blog. We’re excited about the chance to connect with consumers about important family topics and improve life experiences.

This blog has a mission—to share useful ideas and information that improve lives. We want to understand more about what you need to know to best manage life’s most difficult transitions. And we’ll inform you on “inside the business” ideas, details and perspective so you can smartly and smoothly manage your family’s affairs. The idea is to have a dialog about issues, choices, what works for you (and why), and how to avoid making poor choices.

The blog will also create a permanent searchable information archive for consumers on many important facts about our business, the industry, and end-of-live options, processes and decisions. We want to provide great resources to our community on these important life topics.

The blog is interactive so you can converse with us and help others by sharing your experience. We want your feedback … it’s your chance to share what you’ve learned and improve others’ lives. We hope to gain insight and perspective from customers and the community about their needs, values, and expectations. Your comments will help us do better, and help others facing similar experiences. We’ll use your comments, perspective and experience to guide others and lift them through the process.

We expect to cover a lot of topics, but it will all have a common thread and purpose: it will be designed to help you stay informed, make better decisions, and suffer less stress as you face life’s most difficult transitions.

So, stay informed, gain insight, make better decisions and help others by reading and sharing. This blog’s for you.


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