Building Your Legacy with a Family Mausoleum

The family memorial is an honored and cherished tradition. But for some, a higher level of distinction is desired: a testament to devotion, achievement and merit. For those exceptional lives, a family mausoleum provides the most enduring expression of all.

Since 1969, many of America’s most accomplished families have entrusted Milano Monuments with the honor of designing and creating their family’s memorial legacy - a stately, timeless edifice of carefully crafted granite that singularly embodies the style, passion, vision and accomplishments of your family.

We invite you to allow us to commit to our Milano Monuments and our substantial resources to the design, creation and installation of your family mausoleum. From the practical to the aesthetic, our abilities are unrivaled by any of our competitors; our engineers, designers and craftspeople are the best in their profession. We offer the finest granites available and our quality-control standards are the gold standard against which every other company is measured. And the extensive warranty is without equal.

We welcome the opportunity to build your legacy with a cemetery mausoleum. To begin the discussion, please contact Milano Monuments at 216-362-1199 or e-mail us at