Bevel Memorials

Bevel MemorialsA bevel headstone is also referred to as a pillow because of its gently sloping design.

As its name implies, a bevel grave marker is a raised headstone that is flat on the bottom and cut on a gentle angle like a wedge. The back of the grave marker is slightly higher than the front. A bevel gravestone has become very popular in recent years because it is more visible in a cemetery and allows for a wider variety of style and design options than a flat grave marker, yet it is less expensive than a monument. In addition to your loved one's name and dates, our designers can personalize your bevel gravestone with additional elements such as etched photographs or renderings and engraved epitaphs or sayings.

Design Options

Granite Options

Granite Options

Granite is a product of nature and will vary in shade. Visit our facility to view our extensive inventory and hand-pick your memorial