Pre-Planning A Family Mausoleum

If asked, most people would choose to be remembered when they are gone. Most of us would also love to honor our own parents, spouses, sons and daughters with a tangible, lasting memorial. And many people would prefer an “above ground” interment to an in-ground burial.

Yet too often the chance to address these concerns by planning and building a fitting and beautiful cemetery mausoleum is missed or lost due to the demands of business and our hectic schedules.

Don’t wait to think about your family’s memorial.

By planning ahead and meeting with a Milano Monuments cemetery mausoleum consultant now, you will be assured of getting exactly what you want in design, materials and construction. You will also be able to include your mausoleum in your overall estate planning, thus avoiding added expense and confusion, not to mention family hardship, during the emotionally difficult months after you have passed.

In the end, the worth of a family mausoleum is a personal decision. But the spirit of a life is best portrayed in what we choose to leave behind us: our accomplishments, our ideas, our wealth. We can leave something else to our heirs as well: an enduring memorial, a private and sacred space for family and friends. A celebration of the spirit of our lives and the lives of those we love.

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