Warranty on Cemetery Mausoleums

A Promise Etched in Stone.

We put “our money where our mouth is” as the old saying goes. We have such confidence in the quality of our materials and the talent, skill and expertise of our designers, engineers and artisans, that we unconditionally warranty our cemetery mausoleums for perpetuity against any defects in workmanship or quality. There are no limitations on this guarantee. There is no expiration date.

Our guarantee is simply the strongest and most comprehensive guarantee you will find for any cemetery mausoleum, anywhere.

Milano Monuments stands firmly behind this guarantee. Moreover, we have extended this guarantee beyond you and your heirs to include the cemetery in which your family mausoleum will be located. And we have established a substantial trust fund, independent of the company, to ensure that we can meet this guarantee obligation forever. This is our enduring promise to you and to your family.

To hear more about the warranty on cemetery mausoleums, please contact Milano Monuments at 216-362-1199 or e-mail us at website@milanomonuments.com.