Why a Family Mausoleum?

Life is a “work in progress”. Each day we dream, we strive, we build. We win, we lose. We love, we celebrate, we grieve. And finally we move on to eternity. What do we leave behind? Accomplishments, wealth, a legacy. Family and friends. And, of course, memories. A family mausoleum is about memories. Lasting memories preserved in the world’s finest granite. It’s about the art of expressing the spirit of a life. About sharing that spirit with family, friends and future generations… Let Milano Monuments create lasting memories with a family and personalized cemetery mausoleum.

At Milano Monuments, we hope that we get the opportunity to work with you in memorializing your legacy. To begin this dialogue, please contact Milano Monuments at 216-362-1199 or e-mail us at website@milanomonuments.com.